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The Revolutionary Online School Management System - Powered by GSUITE

Total School Management System

Online Management System that offers Your own School Identity, with Learning Management Systems with Fully Integrated Intranet and Workflows for Administration, Faculty and Students, Including Academic Reports and Gradebooks

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Total School Saved Us During COVID-19 School Shutdown

Why ? Total School

Total School Online Management provides a single sign in user access to

  • Website/Intranet Access

  • Work Flows for Administration, Faculty and Students

  • Academic Reports/ Grade books

  • Searchable Dashboards, Statistics and Tracking

  • E-Testing Facilitation

  • Google Class Room Learning Management Platform

  • Live Online Class - Google Meet

  • Google Apps - Docs, Sheets, Slides

  • Google Sites - for Website Creation and Int

Learning Management Platform with our Domain

Learning Management System within our verified Gsuite domain including setup and use of Online Tools for Live Teaching and Hierarchical Google Class Room Setup and Training with User Accounts for administrators, teachers and students.

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Let Us Host Your Evening Institution/Class

As the need to go fully online grows, Private Institutions, including Prep Schools, Evening Institutions, and Extra Classes are at a disadvantage and in need of a Learning Management Platform and access to Online Class tools that will help them to not just continue, but to compete and maintain their high standards. Be apart of the the Total School Family and extend your reach beyond your location

One stop Shop For the Perfect LMS

One stop Shop For the Perfect LMS

Primary and Private Schools

Need a platform for your school that will deliver a Learning Management System as well as provide the required tools to properly facilitate online classrooms and live learning under one (1) platform??

Enjoy the benefits afforded to government schools through us. Secured accounts for teachers and students and a platform that will allow your school and teachers to provide the necessary interaction required all in one place, one sign in access. Don't just survive but continue to compete and maintain their high standards. Be apart of the the Total School Family and extend your reach beyond your location

The Investment You Will be Glad You Made

Not a System - Its a Way of Life

At Total School we love to develop and design innovative and responsive websites using Google Sites. The aim is develop websites for schools and further its function by creating intranet based functions to carry out the daily tasks within the school itself, by providing work flows in key administrative areas to gather data to increase, efficiency, recall, collaboration while promoting learning. Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's reliability (99.9% Uptime available), and no hosting fees.

If you'd like us to work on your website contact our team

Your School, Your Functions, Your Way

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Over the past 3 years, we have created a management system that is built on Google App for Education platform where integration, collaboration and sharing in real time is at the very core, providing seamless experience for schools unparalleled school information management system where every integrated piece works together to create a seamless experience.


Schools enjoy Total School anywhere, anytime and on any device via laptops, tablets and mobile phones with an internet connection, accessible to teachers, students, and parents.

Schools also appreciate the opportunity of their own brand website, and the ability to control data placed. the integrated ability for online customer support, via hangouts, or directly from some of the apps.

Discover the power of Google and why other management systems are rushing to put this in the mix. Discover for your self why Total School Online Management System is right for your school


Technology Solutions

The Foundation of Total School is built on GSuite

Created from the ground up and customized for you school

  • School Web Page,

  • Intranet Facilities

  • Dashboard and Work Flows

  • Searchable Databases

  • Academic Report

Your School, Institution will benefit more from our System than any other simply because it was created just the way you wanted us to

Our Services

Schools website creation and intranet service which drives collaborating and sharing solution makes Total School a MUST HAVE

Core Features

Total School core features is centred around what is needed by most Jamaican Schools and caters individually to Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. This done by intuitively using the Apps supported by Google Apps for Education.

Total School's approach is to create a website/intranet for each individual school from the ground up, however designed so that a move to another school the experience would be similar.

While other management software boasts for no need to purchase by modules, we differ by offering various Work Flows so schools will be able to determine what they really need.


Cloud Platform

No Need for Expensive Servers, everything is cloud based. Move from one machine to another if it goes down. Never worry about losing your data. Yet, be at ease with the fact that needed data may reside locally on the machines of those privy to this information to be accessed offline.

Under the Google App for Education agreement over 10tb of cloud space per school makes backup storage not a worry.

Our all in one service provides the scope for website designing and collaboration, information dissemination via individual and group emailing. online classroom, student registration, academic grade entry and student tracking and so much more.


Mobile Ready

Total School is mobile ready for school stakeholders, administrators, teachers, students, and parents based on school's wishes. Google's suite of free apps means you can access and use Total School anywhere, anytime and on any device.

With its compatibility with any operating System, Windows, OS, Linux, IOS, Android, Chormebooks, Kindles and more Total School makes accessible by all.

Teachers have free use of apps in their school domain, including Gmail, Google Drive, (with access to Docs, Sheets, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, Google +), Google Calendar, Google Classroom free apps for performing their classroom duties via iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.


Collaboration and Sharing

One of the most important aspects of Total School is its underlying Google Apps for Education Platform and their ability to drive collaboration and sharing. Flow and dissemination in real-time, instant sharing of document, cutting out the need for emailing, Many individuals can work on the same document even if they are in a different room, different town, different country. Many workflows are set to run on submission and relevant persons connected with each notified through email message.

Imagine ability for departments to manage and update their sites, with collaboration and assistance if necessary from our team


Security and Backup

Even though the school website serves as a means of providing information to out to outside world, its intranet is accessible only by members school domain and a required username and password is required by everyone. Access to pages are on a Permission granted basis based on level of clearance.



Interface is straight forward and a low learning curve. From setup training to use system has commenced. The intention is for School to operate fully with as little required involvement from the developers. Many of the users will still be doing their normal everyday tasks except now online.

Total School will provide training for System Administrators within the school along with regional support, online interactive sessions conducted by live trainers. Training videos will become available for many services offered.


Tech Support

Customers needing support my submit a ticket or make request that will instantly be messaged to our team. Live chat is available to persons using Google Hangouts or simply for messaging.



Total School is made affordable for all schools of all sizes. Once we know your enrollment size, School type, whether, Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary or Tertiary we can give you a quote.


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